About me

What is it to be inspired by something yet do nothing about it? It’s like watching a documentary on Netflix and think to yourself, “I need to do something” and about 5 minutes later you’re checking Facebook or your IG account (no judgment here, been there done that and will probably do it again). But the point I’m making is when you continually feed your mind with things that are meant to uplift or inspire, your thinking will change as a result and your actions will follow (there is scientific data to support this as well). For example, I probably wouldn’t have thought to start a Podcast had I not listened to them four to five times a week, nor would I have considered myself pursing the Entrepreneur route had that not that been the topic of many of those episodes. My point is, the goal of my Podcast it to fill your mind with true stories, resources and strategies to push you to enhance the person you already are, not to be like the people that I am interviewing, but be a better you and leverage those God-given gifts/strengths to benefit the world.


A little about me specifically, I am a Supply Chain professional for a Fortune 10 company, who is passionate about development, leadership but most importantly influencing others. I’m a wife, mom of twin girls and now Podcast host, which means busy, busy, busy. It’s not work if you’re passionate about it, right?

Go and be inspired!


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