#1 – The Awakening

If you are reading this then let me first say a big, giant, THANK YOU!! I am so excited that you stopped by the M.A.P.S Podcast (Motivating Action through Personal Stories)!!

The first episode is called, The Awakening, because that is the impact of what those series of events had in my life. It awakened me to see that I get joy and inspiration from listening to others explain how they became to be the individuals they are today and the steps they took along the way (even better if I had a special part in their journey).

In this episode, I am being interviewed by one of my closest friends Mandi Mohammed (@mandimomo40), wife, mother and Co-Founder of the Nazr Mohammed Foundation, who suggested that I begin the podcast sharing “my” story since going forward I will be sharing with you, the stories of others.  During this interview, I explained the concept of the show, why I wanted to create M.A.P.S, and the individuals who will be a part of future episodes. Join me as we navigate through the journeys of others to motivate ourselves, get inspired and learn best practices and strategies during times of struggle. Stay with me, it can only go up from here!!

Go and be inspired!



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