“The Game Changer”

It has been a while friends and yet my latest podcast interview is worth the wait!! Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Chea K. Woolfolk, self-titled “Game Changer” and changing the game she does!! Chea is the CEO of Kymberli Shoe Designs LLC, Director of Marketing for Paradise Tea, LLC and host of her new show The Chea K. Woolfolk Show on the Truth Network.

*side note* What I love about this podcast is that for all of the guests that interview, I never ask to hear their story in advance, I am just as amazed as you all are. So you can imagine my surprise when Chea says she too suffers from Fibromyalgia (if you recall Episode 3, author Tracey Michel Lewis-Giggetts has Fibromyalgia as well). To help me understand more about the disease, I decided to do some research. According to the National Institute of Health Fibromyalgia affects both men and women, yet 80-90% of those diagnosed are women. Those with the disease suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. Knowing this and listening to Chea’s story how upon initial diagnosis, this debilitating disease regulated her to her home and yet she still was able to pursue her passion of creativity and entrepreneurship, was essentially a miracle. Out of her home Chea created a successful skin care line which was acquired by Procter & Gamble.

As we moved toward the GPS round (Growth through Personal Struggle) Chea shared her experience with domestic violence. What I loved about Chea’s story was her transparency in acknowledging that it wasn’t easy getting away, there was fear of the unknown next steps and despite this she was willing to seek help. Now with a fresh start, so many doors have opened for Chea both personally and professionally (did I mention she is a mom of three). Kudos Chea Kudos!! You can reach Chea several ways: Facebook, Linkedin, Truth Network or via email cheawoolfolk8@gmail.com

The key takeaways and strategies that I got from Chea’s story are the following:

  • Walk into your purpose – this means in spite of your setbacks your purpose doesn’t change, continue on that path.
  • Embrace opportunities – you won’t know whether or not that door that is opened will be a success if you don’t take the steps to walk through it.
  • Seek help – Don’t let pride or fear get in the way of getting help.

For me I am still working on the “walk into your purpose” part, but I believe this podcast is a part of it. I learned firsthand this week that seeking help works. Recently, I made a mistake at work that could have a ripple effect and I didn’t know how I would recover nor how my brand/reputation would be affected. I sought assistance from a few different people and now I have line of sight for a positive income. So when I share best practices and strategies, best believe I’m using them too!!

Go and be inspired!







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